About Thyme To


Meet Cynthia

Thyme To is an inspirational cooking blog sharing easy-to-create Lebanese and Armenian dishes. Born and raised in Beirut with roots stretching all the way from Anatolia, all the way down to the border of present day Israel, Cynthia grew up in a loving household with a revolving front door. Every night, it wasn't unusual to have company over to share in the delight of delicious food and amazing hospitality.

Throughout the years, Cynthia has traveled extensively worldwide, visiting almost every continent on Earth. She derives inspiration from her travels to bring many different flavors and spices into her dishes. Her passion for gardening, growing her own vegetables, floral design, and creating elaborate dinner parties is the impetus behind Thyme To.

Cynthia lives in San Diego, California with her husband and three children, and hopes her cooking will bring as much joy to you and your loved ones as it has to her own. Welcome!